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 Master The Art Of Persuasive Writing For The Sale & Learn To Craft Sales Copy That Sells Like Crazy. Write Profitable Headlines, Bullets, Body Copy, Order Forms, Opt-In Pages, Sub-Headlines, Sales Letters & So Much More And Collect Massive Project Fees...


From: Chris Elliott
Corpus Christi, Texas - Listening To The Water Hit The Shores
Friday 5:01 PM

Dear Future Copywriter,

You are about to learn every secret that I've obtained through thousands of high paid, high converting copywriting gigs over the last 10 years.

If you would like to learn everything you need to know to become a successful copywriter that commands hefty project fees for everything you write, you need to read this letter...

  • You'll learn how to write like a pro without going through the frustration and failure or trial & error that all other writers experience.

  • You'll learn to master the art of writing attention grabbing headlines that command readers attention and force them through your sales message.

  • You'll learn how to easily persuade your reader into taking action by mastering the "big idea" so that all of your copy converts.

  • You'll learn how to craft sales messages for any market, even on short notice so that you aren't limited to writing in only a few markets.  That means you have access to unlimited industries and a lot more jobs!

Everything you are going to learn is based on my 10 years of insider experience writing copy that actually makes money, so you know you're learning only stuff that works.  With a decade of writing experience under my belt, you better believe I've made my clients a LOT of money or I wouldn't have lasted this long.

I'm also active and still taking on new clients everyday so what I'm going to share with you is sharp, on the cutting edge, and completely up-to-date so you know you're getting the education you need to excel in *today's* market!

I've been asked to coach people on the subject of copywriting and persuasive selling and...

After Thousands Of Clients And Hundreds Of Requests...

It's taken me a long time to write this letter.  A decade to be exact.

Along the road of writing copy for thousands of clients, I've been asked "Where can I buy your copywriting course?" by hundreds of people who just assumed that I had one.

Most people would say to me "All copywriters have a copywriting course" and I always responded "Yeah, copywriters who make their living selling copywriting courses."

The truth is, I've been so busy with client work that I never had time to sit down and organize everything that I know about creating sales messages that sell like crazy into an educational structure.

This year, I decided to organize all of my notes, test results, operating articles, and trade secrets into a system that would take anyone interested in writing for a living from beginner to copywriting master.

The result was what can only describe as remarkable...

We're talking 500+ pages of copywriting training organized into various manuals, books, trade secret reports, and swipe files.  Fifteen hours of audio training, interviews, and creativity boosting audio tracks.  Two hours of video workshops covering classic headlines in copywriting history.

This isn't something that can be fairly categorized as just some "course" or "study system."  This is an intensive 6 class course on Copywriting Mastery. If this course was structured in a college setting, the content would be stretched over two semesters of accelerated, intense study.

The goal here is to vigorously teach you to be a copywriter in 45 days and if you're committed, you'll get there.

This isn't some lame eBook or report that promises to teach you how to write effective sales copy overnight.  We both know promises like that are B.S.

I'm going to take you deep inside the world of tested copywriting methods that actually work.  You'll learn thousands of my copywriting secrets but...

Just 49 Of My 2,924 Proprietary Trade Secrets To Writing High Grade,
Massively Converting Copy Will Change Your Writing Forever...

You're going to learn every last tidbit I know about creating copy that sells.  In fact, before I got tired of counting, I was at 2,924 tested and proven copywriting trade secrets.

Here are just 49 of the most coveted and prized copywriting gems you're going to learn...

  1. Writing headlines that suck in people just quickly glancing at your page, that get massive attention and turn those browsers into buyers.
  2. The secret of flow in copy that makes your copy smooth and barely allows your reader to breath until they finish reading your sales message and make a purchase.
  3. How to write bullet copy that energizes your sales message and sucks in readers just scanning your copy so that scanners become engaged and want to buy.
  4. Creating trust in your writing so your reader not only wants to buy but trusts in his or her purchase decision and acts quicker than you ever could have imagined.
  5. Order form secrets that seal the deal and get people to pull out their credit card, enter their details and click buy as fast as possible.
  6. How to use testimonials in your copy effectively so that they compliment & reinforce your sales message, not distract from it.  This is a very important thing to get right.
  7. How to write riveting sub-headlines that intrigue your audience, inspire them to read the body copy, and digest every word of your sales message.
  8. The art of the close and how to sub-consciously command people to take the action in their best interest - making a purchase from you.
  9. Using a swipe file (included) to eliminate writers block completely and to "punch up" all of the copy you write so that your clients are always amazed.
  10. Defeating objections so that your reader has zero reason to say no and every reason to say yes to taking the action you want them to take.
  11. The art of reverse selling that climbs inside the mind of your potential customer and makes them feel like they need you and your product much more than you need them.
  12. Creating stories that are riveting, persuasive, and conducive to creating the "purchasing" mindset in your reader that entice them to make a purchase and remain happy about it.
  13. Squeeze pages, lead generation pages, and lead capture pages - How to write pages that generate subscribers and prospects like wildfire.
  14. How to persuade your reader in writing like a master hypnotist so that you can guide your prospect to clicking buy and giving you money.
  15. Using hype proportionately so that you create massive excitement without seeming "hypey" and risking turning off your reader and running them off.
  16. Risk reversal through guarantees.  How to write a guarantee that makes your reader feel all warm and fuzzy inside which also makes them feel like they are taking advantage of YOU.
  17. Calling for action - How to command your reader to take the action you desire without seeming like a drill sergeant or scaring your reader off.
  18. Long form versus short form copy and what works - How to make sure your sales message is the perfect length for the market your writing to so that you pull in the maximum number of buyers.
  19. The two tools that I use that have nothing to do with writing that guarantee I don't experience writers block or lack motivation for creating compelling copy.
  20. Creating body copy that stays interesting and exciting and how to avoid slipping into a boring copy tone & how to tell the different between the two.
  21. Post scripts that convert prospects who are "on the fence" into buyers.  This is your last chance for making the sale and raking those last few buyers.
  22. The psychology of the potential buyer and exactly what he or she is thinking that needs to be addressed in every sales piece you write if you hope to turn them into a customer.
  23. The art of developing a voice in your writing so that your reader resonates with your sales message and connects with the points you're making.
  24. How to ask questions in your copy that inspire your reader to eat up the rest of your sale message and buy the solution to their problems, your product.
  25. Nine tricks that I use on every sales piece I create that boosts the effectiveness of the sales letter and generates a better response, every time.
  26. My formula for using emotion in your writing in a way that attaches your reader to your sales message.  Don't over do it through because if you get this wrong, you risk losing your reader.
  27. How to dissect the most successful headlines of all time in order to understand their framework and use that to build your own highly converting headlines.
  28. Comparisons in copy - This one trick will allow you to make any amount you're charging for your product seem so small and trivial that your potential customers will feel silly for not ordering!
  29. Creating compelling bonus copy that makes your extras more valuable than your main offer.  This is an easy way to convert more people into customers.
  30. Copy structure secrets that give you an easily identifiable foundation for creating any type of sales message while remaining flexible enough to be unique every time.
  31. Getting inside the mind of your prospect so that you can understand their objections and what's holding them back from making a purchase - Then defeating those concerns once and for all!
  32. Pain versus pleasure - How to connect with the inner desires of your reader so that you can help him avoid the pain he's afraid of and gain the pleasure he desires.
  33. The difference between a copywriter that creates highly responsive sales messages and one that struggles to create limp, lifeless copy -  Plus how to make sure your copy is always the highly responsive type!
  34. Copy tweaks that may be small in scope but that also have a dramatic effect on response rates and pull in tons more extra business.
  35. The number one roadblock that copywriters encounter when it comes to writing copy that sells and how to blast through that barrier for good.
  36. My proprietary direct response technology which has been adapted for the Internet that leaves writing for entertainment in the dust and forces you to write for conversion.
  37. The science of using takeaway's in copy to create desire, fear of loss, and an undying will in your customer that makes them shell out their cash for whatever you're selling.
  38. The simple tactic of restating your offer - Why you absolutely MUST restate your offer and how to do so in a way that hammers home the most compelling parts of your offer and pulls in the sale.
  39. How to create exclusivity and inner circles that your potential customer wants so badly to be a part of, that they have no choice but to buy.
  40. Rapid fire bullets that feed your prospect your sales message one hard hitting benefit at a time until they can't take anymore and whip out their credit card.
  41. Injecting the glamour of Hollywood into your headlines in a way that adds more excitement to your headlines and more credibility to your offer.
  42. Conversion secrets that I've only shared with clients who have paid me five figures and up and how you can use them to make more money per visitor.
  43. Shortcuts for creating just about every part of a sales piece so that even if you're having a hard time writing, your sales message is an out of the park home run.
  44. High converting copy ideas for e-mails that get past the delete button and into the mind of the receiver so that you can generate that coveted "click."
  45. Power buzz words that catch the eye of any human and that create an inner excitement about your product, service, or offer.
  46. Mental triggers that catch your potential customer off guard and shock them into a buying state so that they can only feel comfortable if they buy.
  47. How to analyze existing sales copy and create a plan of action for going through it, boosting up weak elements, and making it a winner.
  48. Long form sales letter mastery and how to create long form copy that informs, excites, inspires, and sells to the heart of your potential customer.
  49. The secret of connecting with one single person rather than "the masses" and how to create an intimate, personal relationship within your sales message.

There is so much covered in The Copywriting Course that you will never, and I mean never, need another copywriting training product.

It's also important to know that... 

Trust Goes A Long Way In The Copywriting Industry...

Let's face it, there are hundreds upon hundreds of eBooks, courses, home study programs, etc. out there on the subject of copywriting.  So how are you going to choose one?

The sad truth is that the majority of copywriting courses out there are written by people who have absolutely no knowledge about copywriting!

How can this be so?  Many of the copywriting products out there were created by a *marketer* who saw the opportunity to sell a copywriting course to aspiring copywriters.  These people are researchers rather than actual copywriters and many of them outsource the writing to an even less experienced researcher in a different country.  This is done to save costs and certainly reflects the quality of the course.

You don't want to be learning copy from someone who's never done it themselves, do you?  Of course not!

Of course there are some reputable copywriting courses out there but the Copywriting Course has a big leg up on them and I'll tell you why...

Other copywriters who sell copywriting courses for a living usually have more than one course and these courses usually sell for thousands of dollars each.  That means that not only are you going to spend more money on the "entry level" copywriting course than the entire Copywriting Course, you're also going to have to spend thousands more for the "rest" of the information via their many additional courses!

The Copywriting Course contains everything I know about writing copy.  There is no "other" course.  This is everything I know about writing copy and there will be no "advanced" course coming out later that you'll need to spend a fortune on, this is everything I know including my advanced training.  That's a promise you can take to the bank.

Not to mention, on top of my top 10 years experience, I've worked with or received glowing recommendations from some of the highest profile people in the industry including the greatest living copywriter of all time, Joe Sugarman of BluBlocker sunglasses fame...

"Chris Elliott Is An A-List Copywriter.
I Give Him One Of My Highest Recommendations!"

Chris Elliott is an a-list copywriter who produces responsive, results-driven copy at a reasonable price and whose deep understanding of the tactics and psychology that trigger buyer response make him one of the tops in his profession.

I give Chris Elliott one of my highest recommendations.

Joseph Sugarman
Chairman, BluBlocker Corporation
Author of the Adweek Copywriting Manual
and Advertising Secrets of the Written Word



"Chris Took The Previous CONTROL Letters From Two Of
Our Top Cash Producing Websites
And Increased Their Conversion Rates By 7% And 16%"

"I Highly Recommend You Hire Chris Elliott Today"

Chris has written no less than 50 sales letters for multiple niche products we have created.  We clearly would not keep coming back for more if we were not getting RESULTS!

We have used Chris' services for writing web sales letters from scratch, and also too PUNCH UP sales letters that we had other copywriters write that were delivering poor results. Chris is great at discovering exactly what is currently not working in your sales copy and re-writing it to be a winner.

Chris took the previous CONTROL letters from two of our top cash producing websites and increased their conversion rates by 7% and 16% which equaled tens of thousands of dollars in pure additional profit that we were leaving on the table.

If you're serious about having great copy on your website at prices that are hard to beat then I highly recommend you hire Chris Elliott today.

Jeremy Burns

P.S. Feel free to contact me personally for a reference for Chris if you need one, but trust me when I say, if Chris can fit you into his schedule you should seriously book your slot now.

copywriting jeremy burns


"Chris Elliott Uses Words As Weapons, Each One Lethal And Aims To Win Profits For You, I Cannot Recommend Him Highly Enough"

Click Play

This is Jay Conrad Levinson, the Father of Guerrilla Marketing.

Chris Elliott uses words as weapons, each one lethal and aims to win profits for you. He has elevated the art of writing to the highest level.

To win the battle for profits, it makes sense to use a true professional.

In that battle for profits, there is no more worthy ally than Chris Elliott.

I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Jay Conrad Levinson
#1 Best Selling Author &
Father Of Guerrilla Marketing



"This Letter Is Damn Good"


Chris Elliott: "Hi Gary, can I get a recommendation?"

Gary Halbert: "Show me the letter quickly or I'm gone"

Chris Elliott: "Just e-mailed it."

Gary Halbert: "Well it doesn't suck, in fact this letter is damn good, I'll probably pass on some of the business I'm too busy for"

Chris Elliott: "Thanks. I appreciate that."

Gary Halbert: "I'm out of here and don't expect to find me on here often, i don't do chat"

Chris Elliott: "Thanks again Gary!"

gary halbert
The Late, Great Prince Of Print
On AIM In 2002



"I Recommend Chris For Anyone Looking To Get Great Clean Copy Written Quickly To Help Increase Your Product Sales."


“Chris took one of our sales pages that needed a lot of work, basically an entire rewrite and gave it new life very quickly.

We're very happy with the finished copy and we're sure it's going to increase conversions big time.

I recommend Chris for anyone looking to get great clean copy written quickly to help increase your product sales.”

Jeremy Gislason
Best Selling Business Software & Membership Site Author

jeremy gislason


"I Have Been Extremely Happy And Satisfied With Chris's Work And Would Not Hesitate To Recommend Him"

“I first used Chris's services around 2006 and kept in touch throughout the intervening years.

I have been extremely happy and satisfied with Chris's work and would not hesitate to recommend him as a Copy Writer.  Being a people person, Chris will focus on helping you attain your desired goals.


Errol Blackburn
CEO Edan Black Information Solutions UK

errol blackburn


"Chris Is Definitely In The Elite Class When It Comes To Copywriters, His Sales Copy Converts Insanely Well"


Chris is definitely in the elite class when it comes to copywriters, his sales copy converts insanely well. If you are thinking of hiring someone to do your copy stop looking anywhere else and just pay Chris NOW!

Even if you are not thinking of having someone do your sales letter for you, I recommend you have Chris take a look because he could increase your conversion 3 times or more what it is currently getting.

Don't walk... Run to Chris and have him start on your sales letter today.”

Terry Crim

terry crim


"Chris Really Knows People And Human Psychology
And Chances Are You've Read (And Purchased)
Something He's Written


“When it comes to copy, Chris is the man you want on your side. Anybody can hang out the shingle, but Chris really knows people and human psychology.

He has worked with some of the biggest names you know, and chances are you've read (and purchased) something he's written.”

Aaron Nye
IT Consultant, Anogy

aaron nye

You've met me, you've discovered 49 of the 2,924 secrets that you're going to learn for crafting high converting sales copy, you've heard what some of my clients have to say about me, but by now you want to know what you're going to get.  So on that note...

Here's What's Included In
The Copywriting Course...

Here's what you get in precise detail.  Please note that the class content page for each week is shown but not active.  The class content will become instantly active once you register...

Copywriting Class #1
Copywriting Mechanics, Beginning Persuasion & Copywriting Mastery...

Exhibit 1 - The Copywriting Mechanics Manual - This manual covers all of the basics of copywriting so that you have a birds eye view of how to write for maximum impact.  This manual gives you the *correct* view of how to approach and visualize copywriting so that you aren't confused or mixed up.

Exhibit 2 - Beginning Copywriting Persuasion For The Internet Parts 1 & 2 - This audio course introduces you to written persuasion so you can start programming yourself to sell to the subconscious of your readers.  This is the heart of making your writing enticing.

Exhibit 3 - 99 Minutes To Copywriting Mastery - In this interview with copywriting legend Ted Nicholas, you will learn everything Ted knows about copywriting in 99 short minutes.  An excellent overview that really ties the mechanics of copywriting together well with the other week 1 content.

Exhibit 4 - Writing Drive - This audio is a subliminal track I had custom made which includes binaural beats, subliminal messages, and relaxing audio.  Need motivation to write?  Play this track, preferably through stereo headphones and you'll have no choice but to knock out a smoking hot sales piece, every time.

Here's a non-active look at the Week 1 class content page...

Copywriting Class #2
All My Copywriting Secrets, More Persuasion
& Writing Web Copy That Wins...

Exhibit 1 - All My Copywriting Secrets - Here you learn everything that I know about creating copy that grabs reader attention, guides them through the sales message, and entices them to make the coveted purchase.  Hundreds of my secrets culled from thousands of tested sales pieces make this a true gem.  This is a thick 184 pages of copywriting instruction that dissects every element of copywriting from the inside out.

Exhibit 2 - Beginning Copywriting Persuasion For The Internet Parts 3 & 4 - Here you learn extended techniques for beginning persuasion through copywriting.  These additional strategies will empower you to pluck the heart strings of your potential customer in a way that makes them not only want to buy, but need to buy.

Exhibit 3 - Writing Web Copy That Wins - Michel Fortin teaches how to write web copy that gets visitors to pull out their credit card and make a purchase.   You'll learn Michel's secrets that propelled some of the biggest launches in Internet history to success with the use of his sales copy.  There are so many gold nuggets hidden in this interview that you'll want to make sure you have your notepad out.

Here's a non-active look at the Week 2 class content page...

Copywriting Class #3
My Personal Swipe File, Creating High Perceived
Value & Digging Into Headlines...

Exhibit 1 - The Ultimate Copywriting Swipe File - Here you get 248 pages of the best copywriting words and phrases ever known which you can refer to anytime you need a creative boost.  You never have to worry about writers block again because these copy starters will get your mind running in seconds.  Simply flip to a random page, read a phrase from the swipe file, and use it as a springboard to continue writing compelling copy!

Exhibit 2 - Intermediate Copywriting Persuasion For The Internet Parts 1 & 2 - This audio course picks up where the beginning course left off.  You'll learn intermediate persuasion tactics that get inside the mind of your reader that gently moves them toward the action you want them to take, placing an order!  Focus is given to strategies that shift the mindset of your reader into that of a purchasing state.

Exhibit 3 - Copywriting Secrets Of The High End Product King - In this interview with copywriting legend Yanik Silver you learn the copywriting secrets that Yanik has used to sell millions of dollars worth of high priced products.  If you want to know how to write copy for products that sell for thousands of dollars and make selling them effortless, this is what you need to hear.

Exhibit 4 - Headline Classics Workshop Parts 1,2,3 - These videos dissect some of the most successful headlines of all time so that you can understand the psychology hiding behind them.  These videos are essential in learning how to craft the most important part of any sales piece - the headline.

Here's a non-active look at the Week 3 class content page...

Copywriting Class #4
Burning Questions, Intermediate Persuasion & Big Idea Mastery...

Exhibit 1 - The Ultimate Burning Question Collection - This is one of my most coveted and proprietary trade documents.  Here you get 15 pages of burning questions you can use in creating copy that strums the heart strings of your reader.  These questions emotionally attach to your reader and what you're writing which makes selling to them much easier.

Exhibit 2 - Intermediate Copywriting Persuasion For The Internet Parts 3 & 4 - Here you will learn even more persuasion tactics that hit those mental *triggers* that cause people to buy as we wrap up the intermediate persuasion course.  You now have the equivalent of a black belt in persuasion.

Exhibit 3 - Mastering The Bid Idea - In this interview with the late, great copywriting legend Gary Halbert, you learn how to master the "big idea."  This is something that no one else teaches but that is vital to the success of any sales letter.  While this call isn't exactly on copywriting, the portion on the big idea and Gary's secret service style perfume launch, is nothing short of incredible and inspiring.

Exhibit 4 - Headline Workshop Parts 4,5,6 - Three more installments of the headline workshop cover a new set of classic headlines that you can learn from as a framework for creating your own high converting headlines.  These headlines were responsible for tons of business and will teach you how to craft similar headlines that get results.

Here's a non-active look at the Week 4 class content page...

Copywriting Class #5
Copy Boosters, Advanced Persuasion & Irresistible Offers...

Exhibit 1 - 9 Copy Boosters Book - This book is an excellent reference to use in adding that much needed flare to a sales piece after you've crated it.  Go through this book one booster at a time and implement each and you're letter will be 100 times more powerful.  This is great for adding that fire to a just finished sales piece or for re-writing an existing sales piece for a client.

Exhibit 2 - Advanced Copywriting Persuasion For The Internet Parts 1 & 2 - In this audio we dig into the cutting edge of persuasion and learn techniques for really tweaking your readers into buying.  These are my closely guarded and most up to the minute persuasion tactics.

Exhibit 3 - Going Past The Irresistible Offer - In this interview with marketing legend Mark Joyner you will learn how to create an offer that any person would be insane to turn down.  It's this system and concept that will really put you in the mindset of the customer and teach you how to sell to the inner desires of your reader.

Exhibit 4 - Headline Classics Workshop Part 7,8,9 - In these final headline workshops you will uncover the best headlines ever written and learn how you can use the concept of modeling to effortlessly create headlines that suck in readers.

Here's a non-active look at the Week 5 class content page...

Copywriting Class #6
Connecting The Dots & Writing Winning Sales Pieces...

Exhibit 1 - Before You EVER Write A Letter - This video reveals the one thing that any copywriter needs to do first when it comes to creating ANY sales piece.  Most copywriters forget this and fail as a result.  Believe it or not, it has zero to do with any actual writing!

Exhibit 2 - Writing Creativity - This audio is a subliminal track I had custom made which includes binaural beats, subliminal messages, and relaxing audio.  This audio will boost your creativity subconsciously so all you have to do is let the ideas pour onto your keyboard.  You should listen to this audio through stereo headphone.

Exhibit 3 - Advanced Copywriting Persuasion For The Internet Parts 3 & 4 - This is the final and most advanced segment in the Advanced Copywriting Persuasion course.  You'll learn several ways to connect with your potential customer in an intimate, personal way that eliminates purchasing objections once and for all.

Exhibit 4 - Anatomy Of A Sales Letter Video Seminar - In this six part video series you will actually go over the anatomy of a sales letter so that you can see what a successful letter looks like and get a feel for how to craft your sales messages using this foundation.  This makes approaching a new letter much easier.

Here's a non-active look at the Week 6 class content page...

Now that you've seen exactly what you're going to get in The Copywriting Course, you no doubt are asking yourself the following question...

So How Much Does The
Copywriting Course Cost?

As you can see, this course leaves absolutely nothing out.

The Copywriting Course covers more material that several of the best copywriting courses put together and does it based on 10 years of insider, successful copywriting work with real clients.

You simply cannot find training of this caliber when it comes to copywriting and I know that you'll agree once you start going through the first class.

I could print up the hundreds of the books, manuals, swipe files in this course as well as have the 20+ hours of audio and video training professionally pressed to CD's/DVD's and charge upwards of $4,000 for this intensive training.  I could also structure it as a week long seminar and charge several thousand dollars for it.

Luckily, when I created this course, I did so with the intent on making it affordable enough for anyone from any walk of life to afford.

For the cost of the trashiest, cheapest junk car on the most run down used car lot in town, you can have The Copywriting Course.  You get the entire system for just $1299.95.  That's a one time fee with no monthly dues or any additional costs, ever.

There's no "other" course to buy later.  This is absolutely everything I know about crafting sales copy that converts and makes money.

Best of all, I'm also including 4 bonuses worth $598 that you get absolutely free, just for being one of the smart people who take action today...

Bonus #1:

Copy Flow Through Segue's - Value $47

This operations article goes over the biggest reason for my big time success as a copywriter over the last decade.  I have never seen anyone write about this topic and this report precisely covers the secret to creating a sales message that smoothly gets your reader through your sales message as quickly as possible.

Bonus #2:

The Big Idea Advanced - Value $67

This dossier goes even more in depth on my "Big Idea" concept and shows you how to really build your sales copy around this powerful concept with ideas, examples, and breakdowns.  You'll be able to create enough exiting copy for an entire sales letter around this one concept.

Bonus #3:

The Silver Bullet Copywriting Method - Value $97

Discover the secrets that I've used for nearly a decade that allow me to create killer bullets, headlines, and sub-headlines that fuel the content of an entire sales letter and make writing effortless.  This trade secret document will make creating exciting, compelling copy extremely easy.

Bonus #4:

Content Lock In & Free Lifetime Upgrades - Value $347

I reserve the right to remove certain elements of The Copywriting Course and distribute them through different means, separately based on demand.  Luckily, with the Content Lock In feature, you are guaranteed to get lifetime access to every element you see listed on this page if you order today!  That means that even if I remove one of the manuals, video seminars, or one of the valuable bonuses and make them available through different means, your account will still have that content.  You also get lifetime upgrades so if I add anything to the course in the future, you will get those items for free as well!

Please remember that if you leave this page and come back later, some items may have been removed and there is nothing I can do for you when it comes to those items.  When those items are removed, they are gone for good and will no longer be available, period.

To make sure you secure the high value bonus package, it's essential that you act today.  Not to mention, when you order today, you get to...

Start Learning To Write Persuasive Copy & Get Instant Access
To The Copywriting Course Now...


You don't have to wait for weeks or months for the classes to start.  In fact, just seconds after you order you will be given access to all of the classes so that you can start studying right now!

Even if you're in a far off time zone or if it's 4 a.m., you will still get instant access to the entire class curriculum so order now!

 Yes Chris, I Want To Become A World Class Copywriter So That I Can Start Collecting Those Hefty Project Fees!

Please Unlock The Entire Copywriting Course Curriculum Instantly After I Order So That I Can Get Started As Quickly As Possible.

Click The Order Button Below To Purchase Via Our Safe & Secure Server!

How Many More Days Will You Let Pass Before
You Become A High Grade, High Paid Copywriter?


You deserve to learn copywriting the right way so that you can craft sales pieces that really get results which you can charge a pretty penny for.  The Copywriting Course will teach you how to master written persuasion in just 6 classes so that you can start collecting those lucrative copywriting fees.

The sooner you order and start going through Class #1, the sooner you can start accepting projects and collecting the profits that go along with being a pro level copywriter.

Order now and get started now!


Email: chris {AT}

Phone: 361-356-6617

P.S. Don't let another day go by while you wonder if you can really cut it as a copywriter.  I know you can and I've poured every little trick I know for writing profitable copy in the Copywriting Course to make sure of it.

P.P.S  Dozens of the items in the Copywriting Course could easily be sold individually for hundreds of dollars each but you get all of them included in the class curriculum.  I reserve the right to remove certain items from the curriculum as demand requires but if you order now you have lifetime access to ALL of the goodies!